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GM Timur Gareev 50 Boards Blindfold Simul

When: September 21st, 2013, 8am-6pm.

What: GM Gareev will play against 50+ players

           simultaneously while he is been blindfolded

Location: Laura Bush Library, 9411 Bee Cave Rd. Austin, TX 78733

Purpose: This is a Charity Fundraising event for an Giant Outdoor Chess Garden

           at the Laura Bush Library

Requirement: Players must know how to play chess, understand chess rules,

           and how to notate chess moves. Every player is required to notate

           the entire game.

Rules: Regular Chess Simul rules will apply. 

  • 1. Players can not touch chess pieces or make any moves until Grandmaster calls your table number.
  • 2. Each player has 2 "PASS" cards to use, when Grandmaster calls your table but you are not ready to make your move, you should use your "PASS" card.
  • 3. Once you have announced your move via a microphone to Grandmaster, you can not take back that move.
  • 4. Grandmaster will be blindfolded the entire time, noise is very sensitive to him, so no food wrapping papers, eating, chatting allowed in the playing arena. If you must leave your seat, please do so quietly. 
  • 5. When Grandmaster announces your table number, and when the assistant arrives at your table, then you are allowed to make your move, show it to the assistant to make sure it is a legal move, then write down your notation. Assistant will give you a microphone to announce your move to Grandmaster. Grandmaster will then make his move on your board.  
  • 6. Until Grandmaster has moved on and has announced next board number, he is allowed to take back or change his move on your board. Please remember, you should be very proud of yourself if your move makes a World Super Grandmaster take back a move!

Cost: $25/(player under 18 years old); $40/(adult/18 year-old);

          $5 discount for each additional family member. $5/spectator

          (library will sell spectator tickets at the door).

          Group rate discount is available (no age or rating limits)

            (please pay in one online transaction):

            $110 when register for 5 players.

            $200 when register for 10 players.

            $450 when register for 30 players.

Services: Lemonade and water are served to everyone. Cookies and

          Baked goods are available for purchase at the library. 

Adopt a Giant Chess Piece: All 32 pieces of Outdoor (Teak) Giant Chess are available for adoption. Your name or family name will be engraved on the chess piece.  Adoption fees vary depending on each piece. Adoption fees are tax deductible. 

  • No Rating limit, no age limit, everyone is welcome to challenge GM Gareev!
  • Special trophies to players who win or draw. News crews will be present.
  • Free Internet Chess Club (ICC) memberships (a $24.95 value, 3-month membership card) will be given to all 50 players!

Online registration is now open: 

9am, Group #1 (ratings over 1500 or anyone) enter game arena. (the first group of players will have a chance to chat with GM Gareev before he begins)

11am, Group #2 (ratings over 1000) enter game arena

1pm, Group #3 (ratings under 1000) enter game arena

3pm, Group #4 (This group is currently FULL)

After online registration with player's information, you will receive an email with detailed information: what Group you will be in and when to arrive at the playing site. Family members and friends (with request) will be placed in the same group. After you finish online registration, please come back to the end of this page to submit entry fee online. Your registration is not completed (seat is not guaranteed) until payment is received. If you have any questions, please contact Julia (512) 905-9969. 

Blindfold Simul results will be posted soon!